Turning Spalted Wood Workshop

The next turning workshop will run May 4-5th, 2017. To register, please  e-mail.

Due to increasing demand, we have decided to run a turning spalted wood workshop on a limited basis. Each session is limited to two people and is an intensive two-day experience. Students have access to both mid-size and large size lathes (a midi delta and a Vega bowl lathe) and a huge pile of spalted wood. Over the course of the weekend students learn specialized turning techniques for spalted wood, stabilization, sanding, and even breakdown from log to turning blank with chainsaw and band saw. Expect to leave with several finished spalted pieces and a sound knowledge of how to work with this very unique material.

This workshop will run on a as-needed basis and will not be generally scheduled. If you are interested, please e-mail me via the link above and we will pick a weekend to run the workshop.

Schedule (lunch provided both days)

Day 1

Morning: log breakdown into bowl and spindle blanks

Afternoon: spindle turning, roughing, forming, sanding on and off lathe

Day 2

Morning: bowl turning, roughing, forming, sanding on and off lathe

Afternoon: stabilization, finishing

Modules that can be added by request

– woodburning on spalted wood (disclaimer – it is a headache)

– photographing spalted wood (not as easy as you might think)

– turning for functionality versus turning for art (spalted wood makes this a bigger distinction than you might think)

– sharpening and grinding tools specifically for spalted wood turning (ugh)

– dyeing spalted wood (with fungal or aniline dyes)


Cost – $650 for the weekend (this price is high due to the types of materials we are providing, and the time associated with the workshop)

What you can bring – you are welcome to bring your own tools, although we have plenty for you to use. You can also bring your own lathe if you really feel the need (this might be applicable to those who do pen work and want to learn the intricacies of spalted wood on their own machine). You SHOULD bring your own gloves and safety glasses. We have ear plugs and dust masks for you to use. If you have your own spalted wood you want to bring, you are more than welcome to.

What you take home – whatever you make!

Some materials we’ll be working with: expect to be working with many types of spalted wood and many different wood species, cyanoacrylate glues (super glue), water and oil based finishes, sand paper and dust, epoxies, etc.

Enrollment Limit: enrollment limited to 2 students at a time unless a group registers and is willing to share lathe time.