DIY Spalting Workshop

Spalting workshops are held periodically throughout the year at whatever university I am situated with at the time.  Workshops for 2016 will be held at Oregon State University.  To inquire about dates or to register, please e-mail me.  The cost of the workshop is $200 per person.  A catered lunch is normally included.

Note – the next DIY spalting workshop will be held May 6th, 2017.  To register, please e-mail me.


Morning Session (9am-noon)

9:00-9:30: intro to spalting

9:30-10:00: inoculation techniques, colored fungi discussion

10:00-10:30: inoculation demos

10:30-noon: open lab time; during this time you have the opportunity to use any of the fungi provided by the workshop to either spalt your own logs that you have brought or ones we provided.

Lunch (provided)

Afternoon Session (1pm-4pm)

1:00-1:30: Q&A on incubation

1:30-2:00: presentation on fungi growth requirements for incubating logs

2:00-3:00: tour of the school’s spalting set-up and other wood operations

3:00-3:30: presentation on fungi transfer

3:30-4:00: open lab time; during this time you have the opportunity to practice transfers of fungi from sterile media onto sterile media, with feedback from mycologists on technique


What’s Included?  Two logs per person that you take home (morning session), access to at least six different types of spalting fungi representing a broad range of colors and zone lines (morning), access to drills (but feel free to bring your own), culture tools, sterilizing agents, two sterile media plates or liquid media packs for transfer practice (afternoon session).

Please note: it is illegal to move fungi across state lines without a permit from USDA APHIS