Buy Fungal Pigments

For a quick guide on how to use the pigments, click here.

Finally, they are here! Tired of waiting for fungi to grow into wood? Tired of never knowing how much color you will get? Tired of your spouse nagging you to get those Petri plates out of the fridge? Well WAIT NO MORE!

Thanks to our very successful crowdsourcing campaign, three of our fungal pigments are ready for purchase. We have three colors and three grades available. There are NO shipping restrictions on these, as they are only the pigment, not the fungus.

Coverage you can get out of one vial depends on the grade (lab grade is more concentrated than craft grade), color you want (the colors build in intensity – orange takes fewer coats than red, etc), and wood color (lighter woods show the color faster than darker woods). In general, a craft grade vial could reasonably give one surface coat of color to a 6″ by 6″ bowl.

Please note that while yes, these are natural pigments derived entirely from fungi, they are NOT food safe. Consider them for decorative use only.

To purchase, select from the list below. When you have made your selection, e-mail me with what you want, your address, and how you would like to pay (check or credit card). If you are interested in other colors, note that we have a new crowd sourcing campaign in place to bring our purple pigment into production. See here for more details.

To purchase pigments, first, select grade:

* trial grade ($5) gets you a tiny vial that will solubilize up to do maybe a few internal zone lines (these are limited in quantity and only available for green)

craft grade ($30) gets you a small vial with non solvent safe cap of non-standardized color (will be within a spectrum). Amounts in these vary, but should generally do one surface coverage of a 6″ by 6″ bowl

laboratory grade ($60) gets you a large vial with solvent safe lid of a color standardized (you get the same hue and saturation each time) pigment. The size of this vial is roughly twice that of the craft grade, but maybe be three to four times more concentrated.

Next, select color:

* green – is from Chlorociboria species and can range anywhere from blue-green to yellow to black, depending on saturation

red – is from Scytalidium cuboideum and can range from red, pink, orange, light purple (rare), blue and brown, depending on saturation

yellow – is from Scytalidium ganodermophthorum and can range from duck yellow, to yellow brown, to lime green depending on saturation

Finally, select shipping method

slow – we take our time getting it to you. Cost is $5 for anywhere in North America

* fast – ship same day via priority. Cost is $10 for anywhere in North America

To order, send an e-mail with the above information to here. The pigments will arrive in a dry state, bound to their borscillicate glass container. To use they will need to be resolubilized with something like acetone or dichloromethane. Please use caution when working with solvents.