The below articles are available for purchase from their respective sources:

Extracting pigments from fungi (here)

Burl Hunter article (here – but not a direct link)

Yellow pigments of spalting (here)

DIY spalting with vermiculite, via Fine Woodworking  (here)

Spalting blog on Fine Woodworking’s website (here)

Introduction to Spalting, via American Woodturner Journal vol 25, no 6, 2010 (here)

Spalting and health concerns, via American Woodturner Journal vol 26 no 4 2011 (here)

Creating zone lines with multiple white rot fungi (here)

Testing machinability of spalted wood (here)

The benefits of vermiculite over soil for spalting (here)

Digital analysis of surface color coverage on spalted wood (here)

Small scale fungus testing in jars with vermiculite (here)

Using copper to stimulate fungal melanin (zone line) formation (here)

Working with Xylaria polymorpha for spalting (zone lines) (here)

Chlorociboria species and wood preference (here)

Adding texture to spalted wood (here)

Red pigments of spalting (here)

Spalting potential of northeastern hardwood species (here)

Copper and how it affects multiple fungi for spalting (here)

Making Chlorociboria produce more than normal green pigment (here)

Spalting American Beech (here)

A review of all the literature on spalting from late 2011 to the 1970s (here)

Log-scale spalting (here)

Finishing spalted wood (here)

Influence of moisture content on spalting (here)