pigment development

We’ve been working for some time to develop a method for fast spalting.  While this is probably not possible for zone line development, it is very possible for the pigmenting fungi.  Initial trials have lead us to extraction methods, storage methods, and we are currently doing testing on best practices for reapplication.  Once complete, pigment spalting can be achieved in a matter of minutes, instead of months.

Test examples can be seen in the ‘previous work‘ section of this website, and are labeled appropriately (green test #8, etc).

We did it! We hit our $10,000 goal thanks to YOU! To celebrate, we are officially moving our pigments into sales. Click here to check it out. If you contributed to this campaign but for some reason haven’t been getting our monthly newsletter, please e-mail me so we can get you back on and caught up!

NEW crowdsourcing opportunity – purple pigment development!

Goal: $10,000

Currently Raised: $0

How you can help:

Of course, during all this development we stumbled upon something unexpected – a purple pigment! We know nothing about it and so are beginning, one again, a crowd source campaign to help fund the research. Check out below for how you can help!

$25 – your website linked on our ‘donor’s page’

$50 – your website linked and one vial of our ‘trial’ purple pigment to play with

$100 – your website linked and two vials of ‘trial’ pigment (purple or any of the other colors we have)

$500 – your website linked, three vials of laboratory grade purple pigment

$1,000 – your website linked, three vials of laboratory grade purple, free attendance at your choice of the DIY workshop on spalting, or our new advanced workshop on how to use the fungal pigments

$5,000 – ad on the front page of Northern Spalting (in our ‘revolving ad’ slot), website linked, vials of all current fungal colors, laboratory grade, free attendance at both workshops

$10,000 – our eternal love, private workshops (all three), five vials of each color pigment, laboratory grade (and anything else listed above, if you want it)