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Cascade Mycological Society art exhibit is up!

See the flyer here. I have several pieces there, which are for sale if you’re looking to do early holiday shopping. The exhibit opened September 15th, 2016, and will close October 31st, 2016. It is being held at the Morning … Continue reading

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Spalting by Xylaria longipes

Sent in my Horst Forster, of Austria. Fantastic zone lines!  

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Fungus of the Year – 2015

I know you have been waiting for it! The 2015 fungus of the year, as voted for via hair color in the Applied Mycology Lab, is Chlorociboria species! Thanks to everyone who voted! (A lot of the colors aren’t visible in … Continue reading

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Fungus colors write up in Popular Science

Hey all! We got a bit of a shout out in Popular Science this month (they did a phone interview with me). Check it out here.

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Spalting Angels?

Three members of the Applied Mycology Lab (we got a lab rename!) were spotted at a Wood Magic booth on Saturday, demonstrating how bubbles can be blown through red oak.  Hooray for wood anatomy!       (from left to … Continue reading

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And the fungus of the year is…

At the beginning of each school term, the lab votes on its favorite fungus.  Voting is done via hair color (of course).  The results were as follows: Scytalidium cuboideum: 2.5 votes (someone had a dyed hair clip instead of actual … Continue reading

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More from the Amazon

Meet Yasmanie, our fantastic field guide who hacks through the vines so we can get to the awesome spalting!  He also is much better at spotting Tangarana trees than any of us are…

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more Amazonian goodness

Green zone lines, people.  GREEN zone lines!  

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Pigments in the Amazon!

If you’re not yet a contributor to the pigment research, look at what you are missing!  Below is some purple stain my PhD student found in the Amazon rain forest of Peru!  

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Baby Spalt arrives!

You may have noticed a serious delay recently in e-mail response and website updates – this was for a very good reason.  Baby Spalt arrived Tuesday, June 10th around 10:00pm weighing 9 lbs 14 oz! We’re both doing well, but … Continue reading

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