Northern Spalting exists as a focal point for all things spalted. Here you will find real, scientific information on spalting, DIY guides, lists of upcoming spalting events, and a menagerie of other spalting resources.

This website is run as an extension of the Applied Mycology Lab at Oregon State University.  For more information on spalting research, to get involved, or to inquire about graduate study opportunities, please send an e-mail.


News / Site Concerns – 

The new spalted wood documentary with Mark Lindquist and myself is up! Check it out here!

WE HAVE LIME GREEN PIGMENT! It’s not available yet, but check back soon!

WE HAVE PURPLE PIGMENT! Thanks to the success of our kickstarter campaign and much research, our purple pigment is ready for sale! If you donated money to the purple research, please send me an e-mail so we can get your purple pigment out to you!