Northern Spalting exists as a focal point for all things spalted. Here you will find real, scientific information on spalting, DIY guides, lists of upcoming spalting events, and a menagerie of other spalting resources.

This website is run as an extension of the Stem Physiology Lab at Oregon State University.  For more information on spalting research, to get involved, or to inquire about graduate study opportunities, please send an e-mail.


News / Site Concerns - 

We’re ready to start large-scale trials on some of our pigments on dry wood in dye format.  Because the method we are developing is directed solely for use by the woodworking community, we’re interested in gathering stakeholders who wish to help fund this project.  We need $10,000 total, so if ten businesses (or people) each gave $1000, we’d be set.  If you’d like to be a part of this development (and reap the pigment-y rewards of being able to spalt pre-cut, dried wood in about twenty minutes), please send an e-mail.

We’re currently soliciting images for inclusion in the new Spalting Book that is being put together.  See spalting book for details.

It’s culture renewal time, which means a number of our old cultures are being cycled out.  If you want to take a gamble on older cultures that may be a bit more pokey in growth, send an e-mail.  We have very old cultures for $10 each and one to two year old cultures for $25 each.  Limited availability, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.